Press quotes

“The 16-year-old Simon Buerki, which performed Robert Schumann’s 2nd Sonata in G minor, plays completely immersed in the music, his fingers fly over the keys, his upper body moves to the rhythm of the piece, and his face expresses the melody. Once, he presses hard into the keys, then again he plays very soft, quite tones. “

St.Galler Tagblatt,  Switzerland


“Simon Buerki, Switzerland, very delicate, lovely and simple, elegant without mannerisms and couth without primness, pearls are strewn by every passage – Mozart’s Sonata, and the second ballade of Chopin to, the unusual singing in a passionately executed Rachmaninoff sketch (op. 33 No. 8), and Debussy “Island of Joy” – A beautiful picture with bursts of light,  waves and soft melodic lines. “

Astana Piano Passion Competition, Astana, Kazachstan