Simon Bürki was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and was encouraged to make music by his grandmother, who served as the catalyst for the thirst for knowledge that sustained his continued musical development.

He began piano lessons at the age of five at the Classic and Jazz Music School in Kiev with Rada Zagorskaya, where he studied parallel to his education in a state school in Switzerland. After some years of studies, his progress was accelerated by regular masterclasses with Boris Fedorov, a  professor at the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kiev. In 2011, Simon’s gifts were recognized at the Horowitz International Competition for Young Pianists, where he successfully achieved three laureate prizes in all three age categories. By the age of 12, he was invited to perform the 20th Mozart Concerto in D minor, with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra at the Tonhalle Zürich in Switzerland.

In 2013, his career got a real kick-start as he became a laureate of the music competition for young pianists in Kiev under the patronage of Denis Matsuev and was invited to perform at the Annecy Classic Festival in France.

In 2015 Simon entered the Central Music School in Moscow and where he studied in the class of Farida Nurizade. In 2017 Simon entered the new stage in his career, when he won the first place in several competitions in a row, including the 5th International Franz Liszt Competition for Young Pianists in Weimar (Germany), A Step Towards Mastery in St.Petersburg (Russia), as well as the second place in the 1st Ricard Viñes International Piano Youth Competition in Lleida (Spain) and the 3rd place in the 1st International Piano Competition Kyiv (Ukraine, age category under 32). He also competed as the semi-finalist in several competitions in France and Spain for musicians under 36. He has been invited to perform in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France and Austria.

Simon currently studies at the Juilliard School in New York with Sergei Babayan.


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Fri, 6th Jul 2018
Val de Travers
Fri, 10th Aug 2018
Jerome Lowenthal
Sun, 12th Aug 2018
Ilana Vered
Mon, 13th Aug 2018
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Sasha Starcevich
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Alexandr Braginsky
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Natalia Trull
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Vered Raffaello
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“The 16-year-old Simon Buerki, which performed Robert Schumann’s 2nd Sonata in G minor, plays completely immersed in the music, his fingers fly over the keys, his upper body moves to the rhythm of the piece, and his face expresses the melody. Once, he presses hard into the keys, then again he plays very soft, quite tones. “

St.Galler Tagblatt,  Switzerland


“Simon Buerki, Switzerland, very delicate, lovely and simple, elegant without mannerisms and couth without primness, pearls are strewn by every passage – Mozart’s Sonata, and the second ballade of Chopin to, the unusual singing in a passionately executed Rachmaninoff sketch (op. 33 No. 8), and Debussy “Island of Joy” – A beautiful picture with bursts of light,  waves and soft melodic lines. “

Astana Piano Passion Competition, Astana, Kazachstan